Artist: Panasuyo

Song: Tierra Querida

Album: Monte y Culebra


Agency: Lápiz / Leo Burnett Chicago

Client: Coca-Cola

Title: Limonero

Agency: Geometry Global Colombia

Client: Heineken

Title: El Maestro

Music: Choroni by Palenke Soultribe ft. Sr. Mendez


"Luisa" is an animated series based on the real life of historical figure Luisa Caseres de Arismendi.

"The Mexican Dream" written and directed by Gustavo Hernandez is a tragic comedy short film about the longings and delusions illegal immigrants encounter coming to the United States.  

Role: Co-writer of "The Mexican Dream" song, and producer of 3 songs.

The Mexican Dream - Aureliano Mendez & Jesus Perez
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El Sueño de Ajileo -
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"Kino Berlino Inside" written and directed by Rakel Sosa is a short film that shines a new light on autism.  

Music: "Rosa Tulia" by Radio Rebelde Soundsystem,
Sr. Mendez and MKC.